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For Our Shareholders and Investors

Hiroyuki Nagura, President and Representative Director

At Nippon Filcon Group, in fiscal year 2019, we have set the way we want to be in nine years' time, and have decided to view the Medium-Term Management Plan as a step toward achieving that goal based on the recognition that a medium- to long-term perspective is necessary for sustainable growth in the future. We are currently in the second step of this long-term vision, namely the FY2023-2025 Medium-Term Management Plan. To achieve the Group’s Long-Term Vision “As a company with a history going back more than 100 years, we will be a corporate group that continues to make products and services that society will need for the next 100 years”, the following three priority issues that need to be addressed during the FY2023-FY2025 Mid-Term Management Plan were decided.
1) Recovery of earning power,
2) ESG management initiatives and proactive disclosure, and
3) Enhancing the autonomy of each individual.

Although uncertainty continues to exist in the current business environment, we will build a management structure that can quickly respond to changes in the environment, and actively work not only to achieve corporate growth but also to solve social issues.

Your continued support and understanding is greatly appreciated.

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