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Website Terms of Use

This website is provided by NIPPON FILCON CO., LTD (“NIPPON FILCON”). Please read these terms carefully before using this site.
These Terms of Use are subject to change by NIPPON FILCON without notice. Please confirm the latest version of the Terms of Use.

1.Copyright and Trademarks
All information presented on this website, including logos, characters, products and product name, image, music, text, video, sound, and program data (“content”) are owned by NIPPON FILCON and its affiliates (including the applicable rights holder), and are subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights.
You may use such content solely for personal and noncommercial purposes.Regardless of the purpose, the secondary usage such as reproduction, diversion, modification, selling of all or part of the content without the written permission of NIPPON FILCON is not permitted.

NIPPON FILCON shall not guarantee accuracy, certainty, usefulness, timeliness, or completeness etc. of the published content on the site.
NIPPON FILCON assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any errors in the content on the site.
And NIPPON FILCON assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of this site.

3.Use of Cookies
Cookies are pieces of information for identifying a user when a website sends messages to the user’s computer. These pieces of information, by themselves, cannot be used to identify a specific individual.Cookies in isolation are not considered to be personal information. When cookies and personal information are used together, the combined result is regarded as personal information.

On this website, we may use cookies on some pages for the following purpose:
To customize our Internet services according to the attributes of individual customers.

Users can disable transmission of cookies by changing their browser settings.However, this may prevent access to some services on this website.

4.Change and Termination
Please note that NIPPON FILCON may change or alter content or URL of this website, or terminate the operation of this website without notice.
NIPPON FILCON assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused thereby.

Third-party websites other than NIPPON FILCON linked from or to this website are managed under the responsibilities of each of the third parties and are not controlled by NIPPON FILCON.
NIPPON FILCON assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from access or use of website content of such third parties.
Persons desiring to link to this site should contact via “contact us” in advance. In that case, the URL of the top page (https://www.filcon.co.jp/) of this website may be set as a link destination.

Sites falling into the following categories are strictly prohibited from establishing links to this website:

  • (1)Websites that contain content that is offensive to, or has the potential to be offensive to, public order and morality.
  • (2)Websites that contain content that violates, or has the potential to violate, the laws.
  • (3)Websites that contain content that slanders NIPPON FILCON and related parties.
  • (4)Websites that contain content that infringes on, or has the potential to infringe on, the intellectual property right, publicity rights, right to privacy, and other rights of NIPPON FILCON or third parties.
  • (5)Websites that contain content that is objectively considered that it could damage NIPPON FILCON’s corporate value, brand value or commercial value.
  • (6)Websites that contain content that NIPPON FILCON judges that has relationships or involvement with anti-social forces.

6.Recommended Operating Environment


Windows 7 or above
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
Google Chrome (latest version)


Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 or above
Safari 11 or above

●Governing law
This website Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

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