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For Our Shareholders and Investors

Hiroyuki Nagura, President and Representative Director

Based on our corporate philosophy of “pursuing dreams and enjoying striving for them,” “remaining as the envied leader in product development and manufacturing through a collective group effort,” and “showing gratitude and being sincere,” the Nippon Filcon Group is developing its business along the six action guidelines of: “increasing international competitiveness,” “aspiring to be the best performer amongst its peers in terms of profitability,” “proactively participating in the environmental movement and the safety measures this commitment requires,” “ensuring that customer satisfaction is not compromised,” “undertaking reviews with the purpose of enhancing innovation and the acquisition of new ideas and creativity,” and “respecting mankind, pursuing knowledge and experience, and fostering personal development.”
To create a management structure that is able to respond quickly to changes in the external environment, we have recently introduced an internal company system and a corporate officer system to strengthen management functions and increase management transparency.

We have identified the following key management issues for fiscal years 2020–2022, which we will pursue to ensure further, continuous growth: ensure the independence and development of each business sector; pursue customer satisfaction; appropriately allocate and efficiently utilize management resources; maximize Group synergies; and enhance and pursue the autonomy of each individual.

I ask for your continued support and understanding going forward.

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