Sustainability at NIPPON FILCON


Contributing to Sustainability Through Our Business

- Group’s Long-Term Vision to Achieve Continuous Growth and the Medium- to Long-Term Enhancement of Corporate Value -
As a company with a history going back more than 100 years, we will be a corporate group that continues to make products and services that society will need for the next 100 years.
Contribution to Society Through the Business of the NIPPON FILCON Group

Initiatives to Address Global Warming

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

The drive load reduction forming fabric is able to contribute to a drive load reduction of paper machines for paper manufacturers in the papermaking process, which consumes a large amount of power. The development of this fabric has contributed to a drive load reduction of 10% to 20% for paper manufacturers, and is an initiative that leads to energy savings and measures to combat global warming.

Initiatives to Address Environmental Pollution

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

AdSep® products promote the development of functional materials under the key phrase of “fusion of adsorption and separation” to realize a resource-recycling society. One of those materials is chelating resin, which incorporates technology for removing, recovering and separating metals.
The sintered resin filter (META-CAT®), which uses processed chelating resin, can adsorb even low concentrations of metals without letting them escape. As a result, this filter can play an active role in the water treatment of factory wastewater, contributing to measures against environmental pollution.

Initiatives to Address an Aging Population

  • Good health and well being
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

The swimming pool business operated by AQUA PRODUCT CORPORATION contributes to the creation and maintenance of a healthy, safe and secure society for all people, and is also actively engaged in the development of multifunctional swimming pools that promote people’s health and healing in the face of the aging of the population and the declining birth rate that are expected to further increase in the future.

Coated stainless steel pool
Aquatic physical therapy pool

Initiatives to Address Health Problems Caused
by Sick Building Syndrome

  • Good health and well being
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

The Termimesh System from TMA CORPORATION PTY LTD in Australia is a high-quality stainless steel mesh with mesh apertures that termites cannot pass through. The Termimesh System is installed as a barrier to seal off termite entry points into houses, thereby providing long-term termite protection.
Because the Termimesh System does not use harmful chemicals, there is no need to worry about the chemicals volatilizing and causing health problems. In addition, once the system is installed, there is no need to apply or treat the mesh with chemicals again.

Termimesh and termites

Initiatives to Address Increasingly Severe
Natural Disasters (1)

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

HydroX® is a system that can produce hydrogen from renewable energy sources and store electricity in the form of hydrogen.
Because the system can operate independently without the need for fossil fuels, it can be used to supply electricity in times of disaster or as a drinking water supply system by installing a filtration system.

Initiatives to Address Increasingly Severe
Natural Disasters (2)

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

AQUA PRODUCT CORPORATION’s Gcon is a highly specific gravity concrete that uses iron ore and electric furnace oxidation slag as heavy aggregate.
For more than 30 years, Gcon has been contributing to the construction of breakwaters to protect harbor facilities and ships from typhoons, which have become even more powerful in recent years.
It is also being widely used in liquefaction countermeasure works due to earthquakes and as a shielding wall for radiation protection.

Wave dissipation blocks
Wave dissipation blocks

Initiatives to Address Gender Inequality


We are taking the following initiatives to ensure that our employees can balance work and child-rearing and that all employees can work comfortably so that all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and to create an employment environment where women can play an active role in management positions.

1. Support for the development of the next generation

As support for the development of the next generation, we are addressing issues (1) through (3) below.

  • 1Further efforts to reduce long working hours

    From FY2021, we have shortened the prescribed working hours per day to bring the total number of prescribed working hours per year under 1,900.

  • 2Encouraging men to take advantage of the childcare leave system

    Child nursing care leave is a paid leave of absence, and in FY2021, the scope of its application will include the time of vaccination, thus enabling the system to go beyond the requirements of the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act. In FY2020, all employees who requested to take childcare leave have been granted the leave.

  • 3Revising the system to match the actual situation of employees who provide nursing care

    In FY 2021, we created a “Guide to the Nursing Care System” to inform employees about the system to support balancing work and nursing care. We post the information on the Company’s online bulletin board so that our employees can view it at any time. Going forward, based on hearings with users of the system, we will work to improve the system to bring it more in line with actual conditions and make it easier to be granted.

2. Promotion of women’s participation

Our goal is to achieve a 5% ratio of female managers by the end of November 2024, and the latest status (as of March 1, 2022) was 6.3%. We will continue to work on the following initiatives (1) through (3) to achieve the target ratio.

  • 1Continuing to provide training to support the development of managers

    We provide career-specific training to improve individual employees’ and the organization’s capabilities and increase productivity. We also provide other self-development training programs.

  • 2Actively assigning women to departments where there have previously been only few female employees

    We analyze the issues involved in assigning women to departments that previously had only few female career-track employees, take steps to remove obstacles preventing women from pursuing their careers, and assign female career-track employees.

  • 3Maintaining a high ratio of female employees

    Recruitment results for April 2021 (career-track positions) Male: 1, Female: 2
    Offers of employment for April 2022 (career-track positions) Male: 2, Female: 2 (as of October 1, 2021)

Initiatives to Address Governance


NIPPON FILCON recognizes that the purpose and social responsibility of a listed company is to live up to the trust and expectations of stakeholders, ensure management transparency and soundness, sustain and develop the company, and create employment.
In addition, we consider the development and reinforcement of an efficient management structure that can utilize our business resources effectively and rapidly respond to changes in the business environment a critical management priority in the pursuit of sustained mid- to long-term growth in corporate value, and actively implement effective measures to accomplish this.